Land Pooling Policy

Land Pooling Policy(LPP) has been stuck with Delhi Govt for months, and it’s making it tough for people of weaker section to buy a home in the nation’s capital. This is forcing common people to move to far-away regions of NCR like Greater Noida, Faridabad, Bhiwadi,etc.

Delhi Govt needs to resolve following 3 aspects:

1- Formally notify urbanization of 95 villages, as North Delhi and South Delhi Municipal Corporations have already passed resolution of urbanization long back.

2- Declare those 95 villages as “development area”, ownership of whose gram sabha land has already been transferred from Panchayat Department to to Delhi Govt’s revenue Dept. in Nov 2015. Formal notification should have been released soon after the transfer, as this was the pre-requisite set by Delhi Govt for declaring villages as "Development Area"

3- Almost six months after securing the ownership of Gram Sabha land, Delhi Govt’s revenue dept. is yet to verify the base maps prepared by DDA.

Since, the delay is badly hitting people’s wish to buy a home in Delhi, consumers as well as housing societies and developers are coming together to bring the attention of government to this policy of immense importance and opportunities. (Consumers Federation of Delhi Land Pooling Policy) and FedHSDD, Federation of Housing Societies and Developers in Delhi(Land Pooling Policy) are two such examples, which are going overboard to get this policy through soon.

Land Pooling Policy Benefits

Advantages of newly introduced Land Pooling Policy (LPP) are quite easy to understand. Actually, any person from society can understand them without any confusion. The main problem is why land pooling agency is proving inefficient to regulate the unplanned structure and development through LPP in capital. For being the responsible citizens of the country, we can only request to our government to regulate the development through so that it can bring prosperity and convenience to the city. Growth through intelligence would not only bring world-class development but also help middle-class people to afford approved house to live conveniently while enjoying world class facilities. If LPP would pass with people friendly rules then it will certainly make it easy for people to own the certified house at reasonable price. All government needs doing to add the magic to people's life is to take highly effective measures which will not only help people to live the dreams of property but will also help to make a world-class city. Obviously, it is the right time for government to realize that the choice of a few people in the ministry could change the life of generations to come.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to understand that what a common middle-class man wants from the government. Certainly, it just requires some help from the government so that he can comply all his responsibilities while staying away from unforeseen situations. Therefore, it has become quite clear that what actually has to be done on immediate basis. During last few months, Municipal Corporation of Delhi has already passed the resolution to notify Land Pooling Policy but Delhi Development Authority did not get any such notification. This is essentially a lack of communication among different departments and ministries of state and central government. It makes it tough for millions of people to meet the expectations. We are quite hopeful that lack of communication would not take place among senior officials as well as eagerly hoping that government must take some necessary steps to ensure smile on faces of the people. We just require the notification of urbanization by Delhi government. Several concerned agencies like MCD and DDA however have completed all the formalities. Government of Delhi had the demand of ownership of Gram Sabha of villages for urbanization that has been met. Now, it is state government's turn to notify Land Pooling Policy and put capital on the expressway of swift and commendable development.

According to the reports, outskirts of Delhi have already fetched the investment of 35000 crore from 10000 buyers. It simply indicates that how much people have trust in this new planning. Surely, the control over Land Pooling Policy by Delhi Development Authority is undeniable. Even government follows the same concept but we are not getting the point why there is delay in permitting LPA to execute the plans. Here, one famous quote requires attention that says 'Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied' that reflects that 'Development Delayed Is Development Denied'. The point arises here is that Delhi Government is hugely loved and liked by the people of Delhi NCR and we request government to make the required steps as soon as possible so that thousands of people who are awaiting for their dream space can celebrate with the approved and certified home. In addition, coming generations will not have any grievance towards anybody at least for homes.

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